1000 nights, 1000 days

continuation after picking the will to write again :D

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thank you so much

thank you so much for all gift arts (wether it's on fanfic form or drawing) that you made for my birthday!!!
I'm really-really happy to see many rochu!!

it motivate me to write again...
I hope I can write the continuation tonight and submit tomorrow :)

from ageha my dA/twitter friend, I hope we can meet someday in hetalia indonesia gathering or devmeet, the rochu she draw is so warmhearting...

Happy Birthday killmesoftlyluv by ~agehaskye on deviantART

from dudi thank you so muuch honey, I love the geek semeeeee!! =3=

HBD Devi 2009 by ~Weland on deviantART

akh I can't embbed yunbi's fanfic D= it's a sexy fanfic about kissing heehee

here's a baozi and yao from michiryan, my dA, twitter, FB, hetalia forum, I already meet her, she's a sweet girl she's like ukraine in a way...u know what I mean even though she's muuuucchhh younger than me

:Gift: Happy Birthday Devi by ~MichiRyan on deviantART

and this one is from yuujin my FB, forum, twitter and dA friend, like michiryan I already met her...what an hyperactive girl...orz this old body can comprehend you (sounds so wrong OTL)anyway I love this ivan in gitty suit =3= and she made it in the middle her exam, thank u so muuch...

HBD Ivanya by ~Eu9eNi3 on deviantART

and thank you for my hubby - ken - for making me a thread in spam area

the last one is from hanabi or bibi, my norway friend from bleach asylum, thank you so much for your work I really like iiiittt!!!


also for all the happy birthday wish I had from FB, twitter, SMS, dA, call etc!!

I'm very very happy, eh have I told you that?? orz
that's real though :)
I hope you all have a great year :D


Weird, lately I have no passion to write :/
so the 1000 nights, 1000 days will be suspended until I find my passion again
I already have the image like film in my head but...my mood swings and yeah...no entries

this entry is for my daily

just a few days ago I find my musing back on J-rock lololol
after read posts of my friend's twitter, I really want to hear/see them again
and I ended to search for Kitamura Ken - the guitarist for the band of L'Arc~en~Ciel
I like him a lot, well I liked Hyde before just like a noob listener but somehow this guy attracted my eyes more that the beauty Hyde
he and his band's members are in solo carier when the band on hiatus, seriously...they're in their 40's and they don't look 40's at all...I envy you japanese *sigh*



this is the guitarist I adore so much, I even think I want a hubby with a same name as him *kills self*



Ken and Hyde, with minor Tet-chan and Yukkie


Ken is messy, hentai, freako lol, but he's a brilliant composer and guitarist (composed winterfall at age 15), my friend said that to cover his guitar playing is hard...well I can't play guitar, I don't know...-__- oh this guy made me wants to learn guitar but I ended to give up, the strings hurt so muuuccchh *whiny mode ON*

he has boyish voice and funny laughing voice too, I really like his old single titled 'speed' but he's not playing guitar in the PV, what I like the most about him is his sexy figure when playing the guitar <--imagining his long feet and his red guitar at L'Arc~en~Ciel finale PV drooollsss *gets kicked* and it seems he's the first person I see smoking in live stage orz, he will have his 41 years old birthday on this November 28th..otanjoubi omedetou ken-chaaannn <333

when I heard this song, I just wanted to cry and miss their time at L'Arc~en~Ciel...18 years (this year) of band journey is not short, isn't it?? *damnit I want to cry again*

L'Arc~en~Ciel it self is a band where I put my emotional side, I don't know what this band has but it attracted me soooo much, actually, this band is the first real life thing that makes me amuse, not because I get influenced but I really adore them with my own heart. This band has the 'homey' feeling, if you understand what I feel...like...err...even though I already wander through many musicians/artists they're the band I like to go back...like my own house XDD they're very down to earth and adorkable lololol

this one happened during live, Hyde was bullied!!

this vid makes me laugh so much XDD

and this one, either ken and hyde impersonate each other...the habit they do during live XDD

I used to play over and over their songs in cassetes, record the songs I don't have, and write down the lyrics through the cassetes so I can sing along, buy many stuffs orz orz I feel like possessed much ne...and I often asking myself "where have I been this time?" when I obsessed at 17 years old and now...and at last for once in my life I want to meet them, not that meet in DVD...it's hard to choose my fave song through their magnificent works but this one hook me so hard, titled fate composed by ken and lyrics by Hyde, I love the dark sense on it *kind of typical songs that ken composed/made/arranged*, those duo are great combi, most my fave songs are from them :) but I love them as the whole band since they're unique, talented and skilled

^ though this video has different arrangement on the solo guitar but it's not lessen the feeling on it

and lately I re-read Slam Dunk again just to see Mitsui lololol...old musing hard to die!!
and the convo continued to harlem beat...wth with this basketball theme XDDD
that two series makes me buy basketball and play at our garage, but since I'm lazy I'm not continuing it

well...after re-enter the old musings, I caught up with fullmetal panic! orz orz I should not come back to this military anime/manga/novel since I'm soooo stick with one character named Kurz Weber and his nee-san Melissa Mao this *my head thinking them as pairing since a long long time ago* is like yao and ivan, this I want and tsundere type relationship is very interesting

after doing some research in wiki to see updates I read that they already hooked up *squee* but what makes me wanted to download all the novels is a simple one paragraph

"...Kurz's status in the Full Metal Panic universe is currently in limbo. In the most recent novel, Semaru Nick of Time, it is revealed that Kurz and Mao had finally entered into an intimate relationship. It also appears that at the end of the novel, Kurz is killed by the sniper Casper, the man who trained him in sniping and is now working for Amalgam. Even though Kurz's body was not recovered, it is assumed he died..."


after all this time of waiting!!!
KJDFNKSJFGHDLSGBFG I HATE THE ANGST PART, MELISSA IS NOT EVEN THERE WHEN HE DIED!!! *already read the 5th chapter of Semaru Nick of Time where Kurz died* WTF I want to bawww!!
damn it!!!!!

I should read all the novels, I hunt them in the net and it's hard to find them since they said Tokyopop already licensed on the novels in USA but I really thanked to LJ users who still done the translation on the novels, I'm so happy

I hope he's okay...*crieeeess*

back to read the downloaded novels will update the fic when my feeling told me to...*get's kick*

spoiler pic?

lol I can't stand to make the angst paaaarrrttt but I should finish the happy part first, ne ;), this one will be Ivan first sentence in the 1000 days otlplz.gif his head is weird

just guess what happened


lalala *runs away*

1000 nights, 1000 days

I used "I" instead of "He"

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new fic

lalalalaaa somehow after listening to an Aqua Timez song...
I want to title it 1000 nights, 1000 days LOLOL

1000 nights for Yao POV
and I will make this Aqua Timez - Sen no Yoru wo Koete (passing through 1000 nights) as the BGM...it's bittersweet, I love it so much...err almost all Aqua Timez songs are recommended <333

this vid has the english sub, you will know what I want to put in this fic if you see this video *thankies to my previous fandom >>bleach<< I know Aqua Timez and this one is one of its movie soundtrack*

and 1000 days for Ivan POV
actually when I was listening/watching TV there's a music show and I listen intently to a song...it's in indonesian but I love the lyrics...
it called "cinta pertama dan terahir" or if I translated roughly "the first and last love" or I can say "my first love is my last one"

here's the english translation

Sherina – Cinta Pertama Dan Terakhir

there was no one
asked me to survived
when I was down
before, I only tied my heart
for me only
but now you are here and all the
doubt and lonely cries/tears disappear

you make me questioning
you make me looking up to
about this feeling
that I don't understand
will it be the same
if it wasn't you?
then your smile makes me realize
you're my first and last love

it wasn't easy for me before
to laugh alone in my dull

I didn't feel it was necessary
to share my story when there was someone who understand
but now you are here and all the
doubt and lonely cries/tears disappear

repeat reff

if one day you have to go
don't force me to search the better love
because your smile makes me realize
that you're my first and last love

repeat reff

and I rewatch another Aqua Timez song called 'chiisana tenohira' (small hands) it's my fave song actually, just find a video with translation <33 IDK why, when I only heard the audio it only affect "oh I looove this song" but when I watched the video I cried like a child even though at that time I don't understand anything and the video...is not sad...but when the first reff started...I cried...=__=

btw it's for the 1000 days part (Ivan)

OTL why do I think about rochu in every love song I heard? otlplz.gif

umm...have to tell you the 1000 days will be the angst part =3=


I love to make a happy ending, even it's in alternate way

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Cage: When The Fortress Fall

I want to finish this one
but apparently there's one more chapter to go to call it 'the end' :-/
well bear with it XDD

or should I end this here?
you'll know why after you read this entry

umm...this chapter is longer than I thought
I'm sorry I write it while half of my consciousness already gone ;A;

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Cage: The Truth

this fic will end soon...
I guess one or two chapter more...
Ivan and Arthur fight will be on the next chapter :D

and I already write the characterization of the new fic in my other blog
sooo tempted to write angst
or should I make it? Y/N

*gets killed by dudi* LOL

maybe later...:D

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Cage: The Back Up and The Encounter

and now the sonar radar otlplz.gif

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humm I guess this one will do for now... gonna search another image if I draw again XD *gets bricked*
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