I blame dudi-san for my new musing. She makes me caught up with the Russian singer and I blame the crylic because I can't read a thing but from the video she gave me I really like it. The craziest thing about him is, his resemblence to vanya added the violet eyes he would be perfect as real life vanya I don't know how but he is indeed similar to him or is it just me who imagine things?

see! he is similar to vanya *resisting mode ON*


the cutie name is Alexey Goman

I'm gonna search his other song later and I already download some that I like, including the song title I don't know where he duets with ruslan alehno another cutie their voice makes me wants to go back and watch/hear the pop again

gaaahhh I wanna write the fanfic but somehow Aleksey invaded my brain so I decided to write this before the fanfic orz
humm I guess this one will do for now... gonna search another image if I draw again XD *gets bricked*
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    just a normal girl who loves to draw and write, even though I'm not sure if they aren't mess. This blog will consist my ramblings and my overly obsession over anime/manga and maybe I'll post my fanfic too here, of course the one hasn't posted in ffnet. Most of my works are BL/yaoi so, I've warned you...


    Axis Powers Hetalia

    Russia/China ::: Greece/Japan ::: France/UK

    *is not looking for any fandoms other then what I'm obsessed to, that's me*


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