little crush: go home with something's hurt

don't mind the title kk? LOL

this is the weird dream about them having smex...
OK smut ahead and this is the last chapter of little crush

attention my smut is lame

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little crush: I'm almost 4000 years old and yes I already felt a lot

rambling first!

crap!! gotta change a lot of things!!
later but for now I'm gonna write this chapter, I plan to write last night but somehow I ended reading the russian history, especialy the Romanov and Grigori Rasputin and also the naming in's kind of hard than my country naming...(thankful that our naming is so simple)

few fatal mistakes...
I got the wrong time line
it's okay I thought that their first unofficial meet was back on the 1200's but when I made them met in 1800's I just realized I should read wiki first, actually their first official relationship was in 1600's OTL

wrong appearance of RL historical person
I have plan to make appearance of Catherine the Great, and which is sadly when I took this timeline she no longer ruled, she ruled at 1745 -1796 and in the early 1800 they have Paul I *sigh*

the Romanov's won't fit
Failed in Catherine the Great then I change direction to the Romanov especially the girls. I read their characteristics:

olga: the oldest, bold, smart, straight forward
tatiana: more shy than olga, modest, mama fave girl
maria: family angel, sweet, so family oriented
anastasia: the youngest, high spirited, cheerful

that's what I get from wiki...and then I come to realize, I want to use the girls but the year when at last, say maria 10 years old it'll be 1900 already OTL...

well I guess I'm gonna do as I like Y/Y *sad mode ON*
if I bother too much, I won't get this fic done *gets bricked*

fanfic below the cuuuttt...

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little crush: tastes like cherry tea vodka

Ivan didn't let go Yao's hand from his grasp. He was so happy that he could see the now smaller than him man and it made the smile plastered on his face.

"Let me go, aru..."

"Eh why?"

"You invite me for tea, aru not for holding hands"

"Ah, sorry...," He was shocked and let go Yao's hand. He walked to other side of room and prepare to boiled some of the tea leaves " can sit if you want...I'll tell the servant to bring the cakes"

Another pang of guilt invaded the other's heart. Actualy there was nothing wrong with holding hands, Ivan just wanted to spend more time with him but somehow his 'Asian Blood' said it was so wrong when he done it with a grown up male, he felt somehow shamed for unknown reason since there was no one there.

A knock on the door made Yao back to reality. Ivan made his way to the door and opened it, a servant in black and white clothes bowed down to him and Ivan told him what particulary he needed in his native. When the servant gone, he went back to the boiling leaf and not once he dare to face Yao on his face.


"The...the cake will come in a minute, I hope you can wait a bit more..."

"Ivan, listen, aru...," He hated himself for being so weak to the younger "It is okay if you want to hold my hand, aru..later...for once in a while...," He corrected himself.

The other man turned around and smile, "Thank you, Yao...I'm sorry I did that against your will...," He served the tea on the table and sit in front of Yao, a scent of jasmine tingled Yao's nose.

"Once in a while, remember, aru...," He took the glass and sip the tea in it.

"In that case...are we friends?," Ivan played the napkin on his lap, Yao has to restrained his urge to pinched that chubby and blushing cheek.

"Um...whatever, aru..."

Ivan face brighter and Yao turned his face from Ivan. His happy face is somehow was his weak spot, even when he was little boy, "Even our boss haven't say anything...I'm glad you accept my offering..."

The knock made Ivan stood again and took the cake from his servant. Yao eyed the cake, it was similar to something France always brought to seduce him. The cake covered in white cream just like the snow while it has red cherry on top of it as garnish.

"They say...if you can tie the cherry stem with your tongue, you're a good kisser...," He cut the cake and eat it.

"'s just a tale, aru," Another sceptic tone from the older, "Unless if there's a scientific proof on it, aru...and I will kiss anyone who can tie the stem, aru...," He said it with confidently, besides he was lack of optimism that someone can REALLY do that.

Ivan laughed and Yao mimicked him to eat the cake and chewed it so slowly, it wasn't that sweet though but he likes the cream felt in his mouth, he noted to himself to ask what's the secret behind the cream.

"You want a proof?," Yao get his attention diverted from the cake and cream.

"What proof, aru?"

"The kiss"

"What kiss, aru?"

"Cherry kiss..."

Ivan put the cherry inside his mouth, and he start to chewing or twirling or what ever Yao didn't want to know, but somehow he still couldn't let his eyes away from the younger. Ivan eyes didn't focused but mostly he will stare the lavish ceiling, he made 'thinking' expression with his cheek moving randomly.

"Lwook...," He murmured before he showed his tongue with the already tied cherry stem.

Yao couldn't hide his amusement, it was small short stem but what the other did to it? He blinked still couldn't get rid of his amazement.

"You might don't want to touch this...," He giggled and put the stem on glass plate.

"How could you, aru? I tried before and I was failed, aru"

"Eh? Tried? I thought you don't care..."

"Crap!," He face palmed.

Ivan laughed again, "Fulfill your promise, da..."

"What promise, aru?"

"The kiss"

"What kiss, aru?"

"You said earlier if you will kiss the person who can do it, ne...?"

"Ugh...," He backed off a bit, his cheek flushed.

Ivan smiled when he saw Yao's troubled face, he really loves to play with the older one. Making his face as troubled as he could. The face he didn't know Yao can made when he was little, Yao in his memories somewhat was a strong, tough, and elegant. Who knows he can make such face, so cute...

"I'm kidding, da..."


"Da, I love to see your troubled face," He giggled and walked to the cabinet, he took a bottle of clear substance and pour it to his own tea cup, and drinked it. "If you don't want your cherry, can I eat it? I like cherry..."

Yao eyed Ivan and nodded, the younger face somehow became pinker than it already has while inside his heart Yao found something annoyed him.

"What the hell, who he think he is can make fun on me, aru?"

Ivan kept munching the cherry and Yao suddenly hovered over the table to took Ivan's chin. Made the taller man faced him in the eye. Ivan could see the anger on the other eyes and it made his brow frowned, did he do something wrong?

"No one making fun on me, aru"

Before Ivan replied him, something soft brushed his lips. His eyes went wider when he realized that Yao pulled him for a deep kiss. Yao dare him, dare him about the cherry kiss, if it was really true then Yao wanted him to pleased him with 'good kiss' he told him earlier.

The Russian replied him with opening his mouth, to let the other invade first but it wouldn't be long until the black haired warrior surrender under his kiss. Their tongue met, clashing each other seeking for dominance.

Yao savored the sweet cherry taste mixed with sharp taste of tea that already mixed with something he didn't know. Ivan mouth tasted so... intoxicating.

Ivan felt the other weakened for some unknown reason, he pulled Yao to the side and pinned him down on the thick carpet surfaced floor.

Yao moaned under his breath while his hands somehow already nested on Ivan's back and head. He ruffled his soft blond silvery hair, straddled the other so he wouldn't go away and let go their kiss. It was good, really good, TIAN he was in heaven, SCREW Asian blood, he wanted this!!

Just when their lung screamed for the air, they separated. A string of saliva was draw between them. They tried to catch their breath while their eyes locked and tried to read what emotion they held for each other.

Ivan smiled, "How was it?"

"Vy âvlâetes´ na vkus nastol´ko horošimi, aru...," Ivan stunned at the sudden used of his native and Yao gave him sly smile. "What? I'm a fast learner, you know..."

"Vozražajte, esli â delaû èto snova?," He giggled while he kissed him, a chaste one.

"Niskol´ko, aru..."

Ivan gave him a kiss on the forehead before continued what they left. Yao liked their kiss that afternoon, it tasted so sweet and bitter at the same time, the taste of cherry tea vodka.

UAGH lame...lame...lame fluff!!!!!
YaoYao hates to be challanged, and the fast learning thing I'm talking is...somehow the Chinese have this ability to do it, maybe it's part of their hard working and manage things *pointed to some of sport that a few years ago China was left but recently he started to chase the other 'intimidating' country* if he doesn't possess such ability then where the gold medals come from?

another translation, don't kill me if I'm wrong, kill the online dictionary, okay

Vy âvlâetes´ na vkus nastol´ko horošimi... = you taste so good...
Vozražajte, esli â delaû èto snova? = mind if I do it again?
Niskol´ko = not at all

should I end this here?? 0__o

little crush: hug me!!

Silency became their friend afterwards. Yao was speechless, he couldn't think any appropriate words to say to the man before him. The mixture of feeling on his heart that made him so hard to speak.

Guilty, Missing, Shock at the same time, really confused him.

"Are you shock?"

" of, aru...," He swallowed the candy, he felt numb.

"600 years, you miss me?"

"What the heck...," He stopped, he didn't want to hurt the feeling of the ex little boy who now...already grow up into coughquitehandsomecough man.

"I miss you..."

THUMP...okay...Yao didn't like it, there was something about the other man's smile that capture his heart.

"Shu...shut up,aru..!"

Ivan walked towards Yao and the smaller back off a bit, Ivan stopped and watch the older with disappoint face. "What's the matter?"

"No...nothing, aru"

"You don't want to hug me like I was little?"

HOW...can he asked that question with innocent face?

"Listen, you are little no more, aru...I...don't want to hug you in public place, aru!"

Ivan smile and took Yao's hand which covered with chocolate colored leather gloves to protect him from frost bit. The other almost jumped and slapped Ivan on the face but the rosy cheek the little boy he knew prevent him to do that.

"Lets come to my place, I will treat you some tea..."

"Yo..your place, aru?"

Ivan cuckled, "Yes, I live with the others now...I'm protecting them," His face brightened and Yao just submit being dragged by the other man.

So he's the 'owner' of this cold land?

"Where is it aru?"

"Almost there...," Suddenly he stopped in front of a huge building "Here...welcome to my house"

Yao's eyes widened, in front of him stood a very huge building, not usual building, it was palace. He didn't think that little Ivan could manage to built this huge 'house' in his own homeland (of course not as big as his Forbidden City). As far he could remember, Ivan was a poor, starving child who gets beaten by the barbarics.

" where I serve my monarchy...I mean in your term, Emperor?"

"This building is so huge, aru"

"We call this Winter Palace, great place, da?"

"Yes...I didn't know you can built this, aru"

"Because I already promised Yao...," Their eyes met and Ivan smile never left his face. But Ivan left the sentence hanging there, made Yao feels a bit curious, well he didn't remember all the dreams he had about Ivan because his almost 4000 years brain sometimes foreget things.

They walked slowly in the palace, all the guardians bowed to him as if he was the Tsar himself. Well maybe he's higher than the Tsar but he still must obey him as his boss.

"Huge palace, but why so silent, aru?"

"Hm? They went for vacation to the southern land...much warmer there"

"You didn't follow them?

"No, I need to guard this place, da...and besides I have feeling I'm gonna meet you today"

"Hmph, so confident, aru" He throw his gaze to the lavish looks inside the palace. That was absolutely stunning, the color of green, golden and white combine so nicely. Not to mention the hand painted/carved ceiling too and the undescribeable warm temperature inside, so weird.

"Yao, come...don't be separate from me, I don't want you to get lost..."

"Yes...yes I understand, aru..."

Ivan was right, inside this palace indeed confusing or maybe he just haven't used to. He laughed inside of his heart, someday when Ivan play to his house he wanted to left him alone inside the Forbidden City, he really wanted to see the grown up Ivan crying like he was a little boy, calling his name. Oh Yao you're so evil.

They arrived in one room and Ivan let the big door open, so Yao could enter first. Just as he thought, the room itself was as lavish as the hall and the most important is warm, even outside the window he could still see the snow at the trees top.

"This is great, aru...," He turned his back and saw Ivan extended his arm he gave his wide and innocent smile to him, Yao eyed him suspiciously, "What are you doing, aru?"

"Hug, give me a hug...I miss you..."

"No, aru!!," Yao winced.

"Eeh...but you said you're ashamed if you hugging me in the public it's only us no one else...," He looks so disappointed.

"Why the hell you make that conclusion, aru...I...don't...," Yao stopped when he heard a gasp from the other man.

"Is that so? I've been so patience this 600 years but you didn't showed your face...," Yao saw the tears streaming from Ivan's eyes trough his still chubby cheek.

"I...I didn't mean to..."

"I've grown strong and fulfill my promise to you but you...," His crying started to getting loud, "Lgun!! Vy delaete menâ grustnym..."

Ivan started to crying out loud and ramble under his native, maybe about how bad Yao is. But even Yao didn't understand, it really gave him a big big guilty feelings.

"I'm...I'm sorry...aru..."

He extended his arms and landed his head to the other's chest. Yao hugged him thight and Ivan cries changed into sobs and he encircled his hands on other's back, receive the hug he deserve since 600 years ago.

"stol´ teplyj, Jao..."

At last Yao understand that one sentence and he closed his eyes under the warmth of the Russian, yes...very warm indeed.

Nuuu~ what I'm doing?! I should've sleeping...but well left 3 hours to sleep before I have to wake up and eating OTL and YAO HAS SUPER ABILITY FOR THE SUDDEN UNDERSTANDING ON THE ALIEN LANGUAGE!! please don't bother me, I already don't know what I'm doing/writing/saying *gets kick*

EDIT: and why zuki-chan's link doesn't appear, it's kind of weird since in the afternoon it was there

more online dictionary stuff
Lgun!! Vy delaete menâ grustnym... = Liar!! you make me sad...
stol´ teplyj, Jao = very warm, Yao

a little trivia below

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little crush: is not little anymore

Yao sighed for billionth time this day. His boss really a living and walking hell, made him run to one side of his house to the other side of it. Ahh~ he wants to have a holiday, if only that dragon let him.

He grumbled at the thought of the impossble holiday.

Actually the sudden will to get some holiday came from his dream last night. A long forgotten one and he felt so bad about the dream, because it stated him as the 'promise breaker'

"Tian...I wish I can see him..., aru"

"Seeing who?"

The sudden voice made him jumped from where he sit. It was his boss, The Dragon who eyed him suspiciously.

"Are you seeing someone?"

"No of course not, with all your command I won't be able to see anyone, aru!!"

"Well, you blame me? Good I won't give what you need..."

"What? What needs??? Vacation?"

"Sort of..."

"I'm sorry I'm sorry you're just too kind...where's my vacation, aru?"

"Well not really a vacation, I want you to sightseeing our northern neighbor, seems they develop fast lately..."

"What? it's still work after all, aru?"

"No, it's kind of vacation"

"But you asked me to spying, aru!!"

"sightseeing is different from spying...I wonder why in your about 4000 years old age, you can't different that simple sentence"

"What ever,aru"

When his boss swayed the train tickets, he just snatched them away. It was for his departure to his northern country and for him to get back to his own home. Damn it sightseeing or spying it's better than just stuck here.

And he wonder if that child is okay...

Well maybe he's not okay, already 600 years if his memory didn't fake him. The kid will just die like the sunflower he gave, which already turn into dust in his room but he couldn't throw the dust to the trash bin. He sighed, maybe he can look after the child descendant, He hoped they still have his amethyst eyes, those eyes are rare even on Europeans.

He packed things he needed for the journey tomorrow. It'll be long and cold journey indeed...

When the train left him on the train station a sudden realization came to his mind, what a different world he visited. All the people he saw were in light color hair just like the color of the sun in his paintings, reminded him of the boy he met 600 years ago.

"Okay, where I should start, aru?"

He walked the street, obviously ignoring the stares he gets from the people. He has one thing in his mind. He wanted to see this cold land's capital, because all of the progress of this country reflected on the capital, or so...he thought.

When he arrived in the capital, he saw many difference with his homeland. Not that he didn't notice when he arrived but the capital was....reminded him of fairy land in one of England's story book, all the colors and shape of the buildings are so unique, he wonder how the 'owner' of this land's head works.

His attention diverted by a crying voice from his left. He saw a little girl in pink coat crying for her flown balloon. There were no tree so the balloon just flee to the cloudy sky. He approached the little girl and bent on his knees.

"Your balloon flee, aru?"

She looked at Yao in disbelief look but somehow in Yao's smile made the girl stay where she stood. Of course she couldn't understand Yao but he pointed to her already flown balloon.

"Forget the balloon, I have something more interesting, aru...," He pointed his index finger, ask her to wait a moment, while he searched over his coat's pocket.

His smile wider when he found what he searching for, bunch of candies in his hand. He showed them to the girl and smile, open one of the wrapper and put the candy in his mouth, just to show they're edible.

The girl smiled and reach her hand to take the candy from Yao, but just when the girl about to took the candy, another hand offered her a bright colored balloon.

"Ne eš´te èto, Vy mogli by zabolet´, kogda Vy polučaete èto ot neznakomcev "

The girl nodded and took the balloon from the new person. She run and joined her friends in the other side of the capital.

Yao winced and stood, put his candies back to his pocket. He faced the balloon man while his hands already on his hips.

"Okay, I don't know what're you saying but somehow I get some offended feelings, aru..."

"No need to offend...," The guy turned to Yao and smiled "...I'm just telling her the truth"

Yao went silent for a while, he pursed his lips when he saw the man's face. Somewhat his looks is not so unfamiliar, but still he couldn't tell.

"Long time no see, you're still look the same...Jao..."

He almost choked from the candy he ate, his eyes widened in disbelief while he didn't realize he stopped breathing a while before his lungs protested in needs of air.

No way this can be true, how's so?


He was taller and bigger than him but the other still held the same magnificent clear amethyst eyes. Yao kept convincing himself that it was impossible that the person in front of him was the Ivan he saved 600 years ago.

No way...he's sooo big now!!

"Da, horošij vstrečat´ Vas snova"

so...all this time...Yao is forget about Ivan until he got that dream...*sounded so wrong otl*

here's again the translation, keep blaming the online dictionary okay

Ne eš´te èto, Vy mogli by zabolet´, kogda Vy polučaete èto ot neznakomcev = don't eat it, you'll get sick if you receive it from strangers

Da, horošij vstrečat´ Vas snova = yes, nice to meet you again

seems this one won't ended soon OTL and it seems I won't post any pic too this night since I lost will to work on this blog's tegaki, maybe I only draw with my mouse in that tegaki's tegaki.

even though I have one image in my head that needs desperately to be drawn...maybe I'll draw in the paper and photoed it like usual ORZZ
humm I guess this one will do for now... gonna search another image if I draw again XD *gets bricked*
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