Cage: The Back Up and The Encounter

and now the sonar radar otlplz.gif
“Princess Elizaveta, we detect something comes from around the border!!”

“Show it to me!!”

The sonar radar showed the young princess that their country already surrounded from all directions, as if there was no way for a mouse to escape.

“There’s so many of them...”

“What are we going to do? Our military are outnumbered...”

Before Elizaveta answered the question, another guards reported something, “Enemy tank artillery managed to destroy the north border wall!!”


Elizaveta bit his lips, what his older brother said was right. That man is crazy, he command all his military men and his civilians to invade her beloved country.

“Princess Elizaveta, what should we do?”

“Whether we win or lose, we must protect our country until our last drop of blood...,” She fisted her palm andd gave her underlings a spirit, she couldn’t drew back and she’s ready to die.

“YES, YOUR HIGHNESS!!,” They gave the young princess a salutation.

“Princess Elizaveta, there are two people who wish to see you...,” A guard informed her.


“I heard the siren since a few moments ago...actually is there something wrong?,” Yao diverted his gaze from the window.

“Not a big deal...,” Ivan said lightly while he sip the vodka from the glass.

“Don’t make fool on me, Ivan-san, I know what does the siren means in our country, it means there’s an intruder or...”

“You are right, there are intruders and...this country will make your beloved prince’s country bows down to me...”


“You can believe what I said since I’m the one who ordered them to attack...”

“You can’t do that...,” Yao’s sentence was cut since he tripped on his own steps to reach Ivan. “W-what about the king?”

“The king? Do you think that pathetic man is still alive?,” Ivan snorted.

“Wh...did you...”

“What do you think?”

“How could you, he’s old!!,” Yao couldn’t hide his anger.

“I only release him from his suffering faster, believe me, his life is so miserable with all the complications he had...”

Yao couldn’t reply on the sentence of his kidnapper, he should’ve known the ambitions Ivan had couldn’t be blocked by anybody even the king himself.

How far you’ll get lost Ivan?

“Stop doing things like this...or God will...”

“HAH!! You really like to talk about God, don’t you? I wonder when you will get bored about that...!!”

Their conversations were cut when a guard appeared in front of the open golden cage and gave his salutation before he informed something.

“Ivan-san, the fortress guards already caught two intruders but another two still escaped and managed to get in the main area of the fortress!!”

“Who are they?”

“Arthur Kirkland and a silver haired young man!!”

“Tsk...that kid?”

Ivan rubbed his temple after the guard retreated back to his position. He stood from his seat to prepare himself to face his own best friend.

“Are you going?”

“The fortress guard are not comparison for Arthur’s ability, you must be very happy since your prince will arrive to the top of this fortress and save you...”

“Will he really arrive?”

“He will...if he can pass me...,” Ivan bent on his knees in front of Yao who still sat on the floor and he kissed Yao’s temple, made the other man feels kind of surprised. It was not a force kiss and Yao could feel something serene in Ivan’s small kiss.

“I’m going...”

Elizaveta opened her working office and she found two person already sat on the sofa. An old man she knows and a handsome man.

“Grandfather Rome and...?”

“Ah, I’m sorry I haven’t introduce myself...I’m West Country’s young king, my name is Roderich’s a pleasure to meet you..,” The young king kissed the back of Elizaveta’s hand.

“’s a pleasure to meet you too...and what brought you two here?”

“Princess Elizaveta, this country temple guard and being trust by your people wants to tell you about your people want...,” Grandfather Rome explained first.

“My people want?”

“They want to fight together with you...they can’t let their princess and their military fight alone while they get safety from your struggle...”

“Is...Is that so? But...grandfather Rome, we lack of weapon and defense tools...”

“That’s what brought me here...”

“Young king Roderich?”

“Our country will gladly supply the weaponry and we will help you as hard as we can, I think this understanding already get into the step of helping since our last big war 13 years ago...”

“Are you serious? You and your people are willing to help us? I...really thanked you for that...”

“Actually behind this country’s hills, we already get ready to help you and your people, so whenever you need us, we are ready to attack...”

Elizaveta felt the burden on his shoulder disappeared just like that. God really help her in the last moment, without realizing it, her tears flowed because the joy that overwhelmed her, they won’t lose!!

“Thank you...for your help...I...I...”

Roderich and grandfather Rome just glanced at each other and smiled. They really understood why Elizaveta cried like that. It must be hard for a young woman like her to bear everything in her small arms.

After Elizaveta relaxed, she and the other two got back to the control room, where the entire situation inside the Light Country monitored clearly.

The capital almost gets invaded while the satellite cities completely destroyed. Roderich looked at Elizaveta and gave his silent permission to her to command his army and Elizaveta nodded back as her answer.


Arthur and Gilbert run through the countless stairs that lead them to a big hall. There was nothing inside it besides the giant pillars and a throne that spotted far away from the hall entrance.

“Wow what a rich guy your friend is, his fortress is waaay bigger than Elizaveta’s castle...and I couldn’t feel my feet anymore because of that stairs...”

Arthur sealed his mouth for Gilbert’s stupid statement. His brain was too full to responded or he just lazy to replied back.

“Hueeeh...I don’t want to climb the stairs again but thankfully there are no more stairs spotted..., umm what is that?”

Gilbert’s eyes pointed to one spot, the lavish throne. Both of them raised their awareness and carefully, who knows Ivan would appear and shocked them from behind the throne.

Their eyes went wider, it wasn’t Ivan who sit on the throne, but unrecognized old man with bloods that covers his lavish robe. Gilbert almost puke when he saw the horrid view. Arthur analyzed the old man body and resumed what made this man lost his life and almost all part of his face tragically.

“He was shot from inside his mouth...”

“Insane!!,” Said Gilbert after he couldn’t held his urge to throw up.

“Do you know who is it?,” Asked Arthur and the silver haired man shook his head.

Arthur about to opened his mouth to tell Gilbert the identity of the sadistically murdered man but he was stopped when he heard the familiar boot covered footsteps.

“...he was the king of this country...your father...”


yes this fic almost over baby

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humm I guess this one will do for now... gonna search another image if I draw again XD *gets bricked*
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