Cage: The Truth

this fic will end soon...
I guess one or two chapter more...
Ivan and Arthur fight will be on the next chapter :D

and I already write the characterization of the new fic in my other blog
sooo tempted to write angst
or should I make it? Y/N

*gets killed by dudi* LOL

maybe later...:D



“Long time no see Arthur, I thought you can’t reach this place...but I won’t be surprised since there’s only a few person that can face you...,” Ivan smiled.

“W-wait, what do you mean that this man is my father?! That old guy?!”

“Eeh? Haven’t you explained it to him, Arthur? You already know whose child he is, right?”

Arthur couldn’t answer Ivan. He knew but he chose to keep the secret inside his heart, just like Arthur, Gilbert oldest sibling – Heracles – also chose the same path, for him Gilbert is his brother and nothing can changed that.

“20 years ago, you should’ve been dead since my father told the guards to killed you but it seems that man couldn’t bring himself to finished the order and handed you to Arthur’s country, to his father...”

“ that right, Arthur?”

Arthur once again keep his silence, there was a reason why he didn’t want to tell the other man about the reality behind his presence.

“The man you trusted lied to you, how’s your feeling?,” Ivan smirked.

“I...want to hear...his explanation first...”

“There are no explanations, Ivan already told you the truth...”

“ haven’t changed at all, always hide your soft feeling behind your ignorance mask...I suggest you to be more open, or you will lost all the people you love, just like Yao...”

When Ivan slipped that name from his mouth, Arthur raised his hands which held the metal gun and pointed it to his own best friend.

“If you want him back, you know the rule...”


Both of them were ready to pull the trigger of their own gun. Ignored Gilbert and his shock state after knowing who he was actually.

“St-stop this...what happened actually? Please explain all the things to me!!”

Arthur and Ivan’s attention diverted from the tension they had, both of them looked at Gilbert whose face painted on confusion.

“Le-let’s start from the beginning...I’m this person’s child?,” His index finger pointed to the gruesome body.

“You want complete explanations? Alright...”

Gilbert prepared himself to listen intently to what the cold blooded murderer would say to him.

“It is true that you are that person’s be more mom and that person’s child...”

As if the thunder got him in the middle of sunny day, his knees weakened and made him sat on the floor since he couldn’t believe what Ivan just said.


“I’m not lying, it is true that the history record said and what the outer world knows is that you are the king and the queen’s child, but actually all of them aren’t mom who afraid of my father anger handed you to your biological father and asked him to accept you as his and his wife that couldn’t give birth as their son...but in the end, my father knows and choked my mom...our mom until she died...”

“So...we...we are half brother?”

“If you like to call me by that,” He smiled.

“And...and you killed my father?”

“It was an easy task, just like when you peel a nut from its case...he couldn’t do anything when my gun inside his mouth...,” Ivan giggled.


Gilbert got his strength to stand and point his gun to his half brother, but his full of anger shot was easily dodged by Ivan.

“Where did you shot at? How pathetic I have a brother like you...”

Ivan smiled and directs his gun to Gilbert’s head. His eyes narrowed and his lips formed a smile as he locked the open target for his gun.

“Good bye, my dear brother...”


Two gunshots were heard at the same time and broke the silence inside the huge hall.


Gilbert threw from his first place when a hot bullet hit his ankle. Made him couldn’t move because of the hurt and the shock. Meanwhile, Ivan’s gun also slipped from his hand and hit the hard floor. He turned to see his distracter, Arthur still had his gun pointed at him.

“You cannot kill him...”


“Since when you become a man who care about others?,” Ivan rubbed his back of his hand.

“It is so possible...that this child...can lead this country to a better day...”

“How could you, do you want to say that I’m not a good leader?”

“You are a good leader but you use the wrong way to rule...”

“ scold me...”

“Gilbert, go away from here...let me handle this man...”

He dragged his feet and couldn’t reply Arthur, he has mixed feeling between shocked and confused. His heart and brain were too small to take all the reality that given to him in a not oh so good way.

Ivan didn’t stopped or shot Gilbert with his silver gun that he already in his hand again, he just let his half brother to walked down the stairs unsteadily, his business was here.

“We can finish what we left out...give me back Yao...”

“Kill me first”


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Ahh, LOL no no I won't keel joo of course XDD Write away! I luff to read your ideas! 8D

*still reading other chapters of fic* >w<

Re: lol

promise you won't keel meey? lol
I'll make it angst in the second part =3=
OTL somehow I feel the next fic becoming like a drama or smthg since probably the fic will long
*already tortured by the length of cage*

XDD take your time dudi *patpat*
humm I guess this one will do for now... gonna search another image if I draw again XD *gets bricked*
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