I love to make a happy ending, even it's in alternate way

In the other place, Kiku walked with Heracles with a big pink lotus on his hand while Heracles held a bright yellow sunflower. Both of them walked side by side through the cemetery until they stopped in front of a familiar tomb.

“He must be happy’s been two years...,” He mumbled to himself and put the lotus he brought on the foot of the tomb and Heracles just did the same thing to the sunflower and put the sunflower next to the lotus, both of them were blooming beautifully.

Both of them went silent since they were praying. Heracles glanced over the other man, this time Kiku was calmer than one year ago, he was crying uncontrollably and didn’t want to be separated from the tomb of his brother and Ivan – yes both of them were buried together.

When their bodies were found inside the fortress’ ruins, both of them were smiling. Yao held Ivan close to him as if he didn’t want to let go. He was happy, they know it even though when Kiku saw the body he screamed and calling his brother before passed out. They decided to bury them together to honor their love.

While Kiku crying and mourning about the lost of his brother, Arthur decided to went back to military to forget his sadness and Alfred who worried him but pretend to join the army to make him stronger, followed him to the camp.

“Have you let go?”

“Mm...I bet brother already have a happy life with Ivan-san and I know Ivan-san will protect him... there”

Heracles only let the small smile escaped his lips. He sighed and went back to a deep prayer. Soon, Kiku and Heracles stood and bid goodbye to Yao and Ivan before they went home.

“I haven’t seen you do the dance fully...”

“Are you sure you want to see it...”


Kiku chuckled for the direct answer, “I’ll show you when we arrive home...”

The End

wooohooo...the eeennndddd!! XDD
it's so long fic..if I completed all the chapter it will be 20-something chapter =__=
gonna do it if I put it in the FFnet

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Congratulations!!!! I always looked forward to an update from you and it was worth every heartbreak, Devi dear! They are happy in my head...I feel my heart hurting again....LOL. Anyway, thanks for writing it! Hope to see ur gakuen one next hehehee

Re: No title

thanks alot too for reading this long fic XDD

and crap I've done a mistake, before what was written in this entry, there was a gilbert
no wonder why this entry so short *realized after re-reads* OTL
humm I guess this one will do for now... gonna search another image if I draw again XD *gets bricked*
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