new fic

lalalalaaa somehow after listening to an Aqua Timez song...
I want to title it 1000 nights, 1000 days LOLOL

1000 nights for Yao POV
and I will make this Aqua Timez - Sen no Yoru wo Koete (passing through 1000 nights) as the's bittersweet, I love it so much...err almost all Aqua Timez songs are recommended <333

this vid has the english sub, you will know what I want to put in this fic if you see this video *thankies to my previous fandom >>bleach<< I know Aqua Timez and this one is one of its movie soundtrack*

and 1000 days for Ivan POV
actually when I was listening/watching TV there's a music show and I listen intently to a's in indonesian but I love the lyrics...
it called "cinta pertama dan terahir" or if I translated roughly "the first and last love" or I can say "my first love is my last one"

here's the english translation

Sherina – Cinta Pertama Dan Terakhir

there was no one
asked me to survived
when I was down
before, I only tied my heart
for me only
but now you are here and all the
doubt and lonely cries/tears disappear

you make me questioning
you make me looking up to
about this feeling
that I don't understand
will it be the same
if it wasn't you?
then your smile makes me realize
you're my first and last love

it wasn't easy for me before
to laugh alone in my dull

I didn't feel it was necessary
to share my story when there was someone who understand
but now you are here and all the
doubt and lonely cries/tears disappear

repeat reff

if one day you have to go
don't force me to search the better love
because your smile makes me realize
that you're my first and last love

repeat reff

and I rewatch another Aqua Timez song called 'chiisana tenohira' (small hands) it's my fave song actually, just find a video with translation <33 IDK why, when I only heard the audio it only affect "oh I looove this song" but when I watched the video I cried like a child even though at that time I don't understand anything and the not sad...but when the first reff started...I cried...=__=

btw it's for the 1000 days part (Ivan)

OTL why do I think about rochu in every love song I heard? otlplz.gif

umm...have to tell you the 1000 days will be the angst part =3=

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Uwah, Devi the Indonesian song is so good, I really like the music and her voice ^^
It's my first time hearing Indonesian~~~ X'D

Re: No title

I love her too. she's very talented
she's an ex child singer and grow up :D she makes all her song her self

actually many crap in our music :S
humm I guess this one will do for now... gonna search another image if I draw again XD *gets bricked*
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