1000 nights, 1000 days

continuation after picking the will to write again :D
>>1000 nights: I’ll Keep My Eyes on You<<

don’t want to believe what Francis had told me in a few days ago, but my eyes force me to do so when I see my brother walked with that strange guy. A piece of sandwich on his hands while on the other hand, he holds a book of history, while his lips form a big wide smile.

That is so intolerable!!

I never see him smiling that wide before, what makes him can do it in front of strangers like that big bloated blond? And suddenly Francis’ words rang in my head.

“ …It seems that your brother date that creepy…”

I shake my head to erase the thought. I believe that Kiku is selective to choose who’s the one he wants to date with. That guy, is a no no…but…

Why my brother’s safety antenna does keep alerting me about this?

Based on that, I decide to encounter about this to Kiku himself. Once we finish our dinner, I look at him intently and as if he understands there’s something I want to talk about, he put his tea glass back on the table and looks back at me.

“Is there something you want to talk about, nii-san?”

“As I thought, you really understand me,” I smiled, trying to melt this tense atmosphere. “I want to ask you about something”

“What is that?”

“Are you seeing someone?,” I’m really bad for pick idle on conversation.

“Where did you hear that?”


“You’re not oppose that question?,” I asked him back.

“Why must I? I’m trying to get close to someone…,” I see a faint blush on his cheek.

His sentence and reaction strike me like a lightning strike me in the middle of sunny afternoon. What’s with this sudden change on his attitude? Where does my cute Kiku goooo??

“Do..does that person tall, b-blond and huge?”

“Mmm~ he’s like that”

“But…but you know the rumors about him, right?,” I’m still trying to state my objection, “About…he visits the hostess some of the time, he’s bad Kiku!!”

Kiku looks at me with that hurt on his face. I didn’t think that my words will hurt him so bad, he loves that man so much doesn’t he?

“Nii-san…doesn’t know him, then how come you said bad things about him?”

“I…I…,” I gulped, “I’m sorry…”

Now I’m the bad guy, this time I can’t force my thought on him. It’s about the one he loves, the words ‘because I worries you’ is no longer work. If this goes like this, I have nothing to do but to support him, right?

“Nee~ Kiku, I’m sorry for what I said earlier…,” I forced my smile, just to assure him that I’m really feel sorry about it. “If you really like him that much, I will support you…”

Kiku’s face brightens, “Th-thank you nii-san…”

Not that fast boy

“But, I’m gonna run inspection at him, I want to assure myself that I trusted my brother to the right person!”

Kiku couldn’t hide his shock, his mouth slightly open and his eyes are wide open. I pout at his reaction and make my final statement.

“If you don’t let me, then I won’t let you hook up with him!”

Kiku snorts laughter then he give a loud laugh, yes he laugh and the long lost laugh is come back to him. Am I dreaming or something?

“…Then, I can’t oppose you, right?,” He wipe his tears with his fingers.

“No, never!,” I rise my chest in a cocky manner while Kiku maintain his smiling face.



I stare at the class sign before deciding to enter the class. It’s still so early in the morning and there are not much people, only a few who has the job on chores. It seems today is my luck since the big guy already inside the class, put a vase with the flowers on the teacher’s desk.

“Hey you,” I called him; he looks around and points to himself with his index finger.


“Yes! Who else inside this class?!”

“Oh…,” He dozed off, aggghhh he irks me!!

“Listen you, I suspect you and my brother has some sort of relationship”

“Your brother?”

“Kiku…Kikuuu!!,” I held the urge to pull my hair from my head.

“Ah~ so you’re Yao-san? Kiku talked about you so many times, and when I heard him tell stories about you, I hope I have a brother like you too…,” He bows to me.

“Ahahaha not like that…,” I scratch my head for and my lips form an idiotic smile, “…HEYY I’m here not for that!!”

“What do you want to talk about then?”

“Hmm, since Kiku convinced me to believe you, then I will…BUT you will be under my surveillance until I’m SURE you’re right for him!!,” I said the long sentence with one take of breath.

I feel a bit guilty and half irk since he show a faint afraid expression on his blank face which in the other hand made me questioned whether he understand or not.

“Understand?,” I speak my mind.

“Yes, then for many days ahead please take care of me…brother…”


That call from stranger like him sent chills to my spine. I will not allow someone I don’t know call me with that ‘brother’ only Kiku has the privilege.

“Do.Not.Call me with brother, you.are.not my brother, are you understand?!”


Hum…I guess I can make him my underling later but…as long as he passed my surveillance…if he doesn’t than he must say goodbye to my brother.

“Ano~ Yao-san then…what must I do to pass your surveillance?”

~to be continued~


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I am so happy to see you back!
Happy New Year XD

OMG CONTINUATION!!!! 8D I can't wait until you get to the sick!Ivan scene. That looked utterly adorable on ur doujin version!

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humm I guess this one will do for now... gonna search another image if I draw again XD *gets bricked*
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